Jorge Luis Borges: “The Dream”

The Dream

When the midnight clocks are doling out
their plethora of time,
I will travel farther than the shipmates of Ulysses
to the place of dreams, far past the reach
of human memory.
And from that submarine world, I’ll gather scraps
of what resists my understanding:
herbs from a simple botany,
animals of every genus,
conversations with the dead,
faces that are really masks,
words in ancient languages,
and, sometimes, the incomparable horror
the breaking day can bring us.
I will be everything or no one. I will be that other
who I am without knowing, the one who has looked
upon that other dream: awakening. The one who judges,
resigned and smiling.

Jorge Luis Borges

Translated from Spanish by Paul Weinfield, © 2017
Featured Image: Salvador Dali

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