Gabriela Mistral: “Poplar Trees”

Poplar Trees

The poplar trees are following us,
carrying us, unknowingly,
through the opening
of their bright green pods,
singing in the beating of their wings,
laughing with a joyful laugh,
laughter made of pure delight,
with ecstatic trunks
and whirling arms.

What is slow and slowly unfurling
carries us, through its inner magic,
like the archangel Raphael,
along an ineffable train
whose march makes us glad
with smiles and tinkling bells.

Where are they taking us?
Might we pass through them
like a corridor of grace
bringing transformation
to this fluttering parade?

Gabriela Mistral

Translated from Spanish by Paul Weinfield, © 2015
Painting by Gustav Klimt

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