Pablo Neruda: “Sonnet 65” (from Cien Sonetos de Amor)

Sonnet 65 (from Cien Sonetos de Amor)

Matilde, where are you? I only just noticed
behind my necktie and above my heart,
a certain melancholy between my ribs:
It was that, all of a sudden, you are gone.

I needed the light of your energy so much.
I looked all around me, devouring hope,
and saw that the space without you is a house,
with nothing left in it but tragic windows.

In the pure silence now, the roof is listening
to the falling of ancient leafless rain,
to feathers, to what the night has imprisoned.

And so I still wait, like a lonely house,
for you to see me and inhabit me again.
Until that time, my windows ache.

Pablo Neruda

Translated from Spanish by Paul Weinfield, © 2015


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