Guillaume Apollinaire: “One Evening”

One Evening

An eagle stoops from the archangel sky
And you restore me
Let the streetlights flicker, as hours go by
Pray, pray for me

The city is metal and it’s the only star
Lost in your azure eyes
When pale fire-sparks from a trolley car
Smother the pigeons’ cries

And all that trembles in your eyes of my dreams
Is a drink that the lonely sift
Beneath red gas lamps with fake orange beam
Behold, your clothed arms lift!

Now the actor shows the crowd his tongue
And a ghost takes his own life
The apostle drools from the tree where he’s hung
Let our love be tumbling dice

The clear, ringing bells are announcing your birth
Come, look up above!
The streets are in flower, trees walk the earth
to be near to you, my love.

Guillaume Apollinaire

Translated from French by Paul Weinfield, © 2015
Photo by Robert Doisneau

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