Eugenio Montejo: “My Love”

My Love

In another body, my love walks this street.
I hear its footsteps fall beneath the rain,
walking and dreaming, as I used to long ago …
In its whispers, I hear the echoes of my voice,
I recognize them.

My love has an age that once was mine,
a light that still shines whenever we meet.
My love, adorned with all the bad times,
my love on the terrace of some cafe,
with a white hibiscus in its hands,
dressed in the style of the new millennium.

My love will continue long after I’m gone,
with another laugh and different eyes,
like a flame that leaped between two candles
yet still remained to light the blue earth.

Eugenio Montejo

Translated from Spanish by Paul Weinfield, © 2015
Photo by Irma Haselberger

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