Pablo Neruda: “The Wind on the Island”

The Wind on the Island

The wind is a horse:
hear how he runs
through the sea, through the sky.

He wants to take me: listen
how he crosses this world
to come take me away.

Hide me in your arms
just for this night,
while the rain breaks
its infinite beak
on the earth and sea.

Listen how the wind
comes galloping, calling
to take me far away.

With your forehead upon my forehead,
with your mouth upon my mouth,
our bodies bound
by the love that burns us,
let the wind pass over,
let it pass me by.

Let the wind rush in
crowned with foam,
let it call and come find me
as it gallops through the shadows,
while I, who lie submerged
in your big, deep eyes,
just for this night,
I will rest, my love.

Pablo Neruda

Translated from Spanish by Paul Weinfield, © 2015

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