Rainer Maria Rilke: “A Woman In Love”

A Woman in Love

My window is just over there.
I woke up feeling soft and light.
I thought: I’m floating on the air.
How far does my life reach and where
is the start of night?

I feel everything so near,
as though it were a part of me;
as though I were a crystal: clear,
yet silent, and so hard to see.

At times I feel that I could touch
the stars and gather them all in.
My heart is large: I want so much
to let myself let go of him

whom even now, perhaps, I’ve started
to love, perhaps to hold.
So unfamiliar, so uncharted
is this fate I feel unfold.

Who am I who have come to dwell
in this vast infinitude,
drifting with the sweetest smell
the open fields exude,

calling out, yet full of fear
that someone might receive my call
that I am destined to disappear
into someone else, once and for all.

Rainer Maria Rilke

Translated from German by Paul Weinfield, © 2014

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