Pierre Reverdy: “For the Moment”

For the Moment

Life is simple and gay
The bright sun tinkles happy sounds
The clanging bells pass quickly away
The shine of morning time surrounds
My head’s a lamp that’s found some light
The room I live in is finally bright

One beam’s enough
One burst of laughter
Joy rocks the rafters
And cradles those who wished to die
In the warbles of its lullaby

I sing off key
It’s quite amusing
My mouth falls open to the air
And sends its crazy notes diffusing
Somehow someway here and there
Flying to eardrums everywhere

Listen to me! I’m not insane
I smile a smile at the bottom stair
At the door left open wide below
At the sunlight scattered in the air
At the trellis where the green vines grow
And through all this, my arms reach through …

For today’s the day that I love you

— Pierre Reverdy

Translated from French by Paul Weinfield, © 2013

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