Jorge Luis Borges: “Adam Cast Forth”

Adam Cast Forth

Was there a Garden, or was that a dream?
Dazed in the hazy light, I asked
(almost for comfort) if this was the past
that Adam, now cursed, had once redeemed?

This was not a magic hoax or con
of some god I dreamed.  It was the imprecise
memory of a certain Paradise,
one that lives and, I know, lives on …

… but not for me.  This stubborn life
is my punishment for the inbred strife
of Cains and Abels and all in their sway.

And yet, to be loved is something much,
to have been happy, and to have touched
this living Garden, if only for a day.

Jorge Luis Borges

Translated from Spanish by Paul Weinfield, © 2013

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