Forough Farrokhzad: “Border Walls”

Border Walls

Now again in the voiceless night
plants gather themselves
like protective walls
like border walls
to guard the fields of my love.

Now again the filthy whispers of this town
like confused flocks of fish
flee from these shores of darkness.

Now again the open windows find themselves
in the joyful company of scattered perfumes.

Now again the trees of the garden
cast off their sleeping bark
and the earth with its thousand pores
inhales the dizzying atoms of the moon.

come closer
and listen
to the restless beat of my love
played like an African drum
on the tribe of my limbs

I feel
I know
which moment is the moment of prayer.

And the stars sleep in each other’s arms.

I take refuge in the night
from my innermost breezes
In the shelter of the night
I fall madly apart
with my hair draped heavy in your hands
with these gifts I bring you
of equatorial flowers from this young tropic.

Come with me
come with me to that star
that is thousands of years away
from the hardening of the earth
and its empty scales
Come with me
where no one is afraid of the light.

On islands set adrift, I gather my breath
as I seek out a piece of the vast open sky
that is free from the heaviness of my own wretched thoughts.

Refer with me
refer with me
to that first created body
conceived as a fragrant center
to the first moment I created out of you.
Refer with me
because without you I’m incomplete.

doves take flight from the peaks of my breasts,
in the cocoon of my lips
butterfly kisses twist their imaginary flights.
the altar of my body
is ready to worship love.

Refer with me
because I’m unable to speak
because I love you
because “I love you” is a string of words
from a world of vanity
a world of obsolescence
a world of endless repetition.
Refer with me
because I’m unable to speak.

In the shelter of the night,
let me receive the moon’s seed
let me be filled
with small drops of rain
with the unformed hearts
of unborn children.
Let me be filled
so that maybe my love
will one day cradle another Christ.

— Forough Farrokhzad

Translated from Persian by Paul Weinfield, © 2013

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