Federico García Lorca: “If My Hands Could Peel”

If My Hands Could Peel

I say your name
on cloudy nights
when the stars come around
to drink from the moon,
and I sleep in the branches
of secret palms,
feeling myself hollow
with passion and music,
a crazy clock singing
the old, dead hours.

I say your name
on this cloudy night,
and your name sounds to me
more distant than ever.
More distant than all the stars combined,
more painful than the gentle rain.

Will I love you again
as I did before?  Does
my heart bear blame?
And when this fog lifts
what passions will await me?
Will they be peaceful and pure?
Ah, if only my fingers
could peel flowers from the moon!

Federico García Lorca

Translated from Spanish by Paul Weinfield, © 2013

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