Amado Ruiz de Nervo: “At Peace”

At Peace

I bless you, Life, in my sun’s final glare,
for you’ve given me neither false hope nor despair,
nor pain undeserved, nor labor unfair.

At the end of this crude path I’ve taken, I see
I was always the architect of my own destiny.
And if I found things bitter or sweet, here and then,
it was the bitterness or sweetness that I put into them.
On every rosebush I planted, a rose grew from the stem.

Winter will overthrow my youth, that is sure,
but you never misled me that May would endure.
My long nights of pain were not soft to pass through,
but you never pretended sweet nights were my due.
And in balance, I did have some peaceful nights too …

Yes, I loved, I was loved, and the sun kissed my face.
All debts are repaid.  Life, you and I are at peace.

Amado Ruiz de Nervo

Translated from Spanish by Paul Weinfield, © 2013

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